Ten Best (and Weirdest) Photos from MLB Picture Day

Ten Best (and Weirdest) Photos from MLB Picture Day


Ten Best (and Weirdest) Photos from MLB Picture Day

MLB pictures have arrived, as teams start getting ready for Spring Training. There’s only so much you can do with a bat or a ball in a still photo, and most of the photos are monotonous and involve players smiling directly into a camera while swinging a bat or holding a ball. Occasionally, though, things get wacky. Here are some notable photos that caught our eye looking through the hundreds of shots.

#1 Jeff Banister, Texas Rangers

“I know you’re the manager but let’s have you hold a bat.”

“Hmm, something doesn’t seem quite right. Josh, can you get us that bat with barbed wire wrapped around it? … Perfect.”

#2 Tim Tebow, New York Mets

“Tim, show us the face you would make if the approaching manager came toward you with a barbed wire bat.”

This is your reminder that Tim Tebow got to take photos with the major league club and will probably get a chance to make a publicity appearance in Shea at some point.

#3 Matt Purke, New York Mets

“Matt, any thoughts on Tim Tebow making the major league roster and being your teammate?”

#4 Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers

Taking pictures the right way. Old school. No bat flips here.

#5 Homer Bailey, Cincinnati Reds

The Reds’ photographer had broader statements to make about the human condition by going black and white. Something about the futility of life and the never-ending cycle of disappointment. Seems like a good way to start another season in Cincinnati.

#6 Steve Buechele, Texas Rangers

I’ll say this: the Rangers coaches really brought it this year. I really want to know what Buechele’s inspiration was as he got into this method acting role of staring deep into his hat.

#7 Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers

Everything is better with a handful of Blow Pops.

#8 Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs

Several players tossed balls during their photo ops. But Jon Lester nailed this attempt by getting the ball to stop right next to his face. He also somehow managed it so that the ball is showing more emotion.

#9 Avisail Garcia, Chicago White Sox

Avisail broke out the ape mask for his photos. Let’s hope this makes it to a baseball card.

#10 Daniel Mengden, Oakland Athletics

Mengden’s Rollie Fingers tribute is already in mid-season form.

[all photos via USA Today Sports Images]

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