Jalen Ramsey Takes A Shot At Jimbo Fisher

Jalen Ramsey Takes A Shot At Jimbo Fisher


Jalen Ramsey Takes A Shot At Jimbo Fisher

Jalen Ramsey has become one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks in just two NFL seasons. The Florida State product is obviously proud of his development, but he isn’t a fan of someone else taking credit for it. On Monday night he took a shot at his former head coach, Jimbo Fisher.

In a tweet, current Texas A&M tight ends coach (and former FSU assistant) Tim Brewster assigned credit for the development of Seminoles cornerbacks to Fisher. Check it out:

Ramsey was quick to respond:

Here’s the thing, Fisher has an offensive background as a coach. He was a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator before ever getting a head coaching gig. Ramsey is right, he probably had absolutely nothing to do with the development of those players.

I get that head coaches take credit for guys, but making this worse is that he’s using the accomplishments of Florida State players to lure recruits to Texas A&M.

So yeah, Ramsey gets the win on this one, while Fisher, Brewster and Texas A&M should probably just own that L.

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