Roman Reigns Is Actually Awesome Now

Roman Reigns Is Actually Awesome Now


Roman Reigns Is Actually Awesome Now


After winning at Elimination Chamber on Sunday, Roman Reigns is now set to challenge Brock Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania.  Last night, in discussing (likely — unless they could somehow corral The Rock to be Ronda Rousey’s partner) main eventing the spectacle for the fourth straight year, Reigns delivered his best promo yet:

As everyone can hear in the video, the crowd was rapidly booing Reigns as they always do during his promos. It is the same reaction he receives when his music hits, he wins or is even just shown on camera.

This heat he receives is a result of the fans not accepting that he is being pushed as the “Face of the Company,” the heir apparent to John Cena (who received similar pushback). While the WWE did push him too fast and break up the wildly popular Shield stable to claim their next star, at this point this is not a ‘Reigns’ issue, it is a ‘fans’ issue.

While Reigns did have his struggles on the mic early on as a singles, and will never be in the same class as his cousinThe Rock, he has vastly improved. This was first made obvious during his passing of the torch feud with Cena in August:

Where the fans are missing out on Reigns is by not appreciating his unbelievable in-ring work. While fans often want to say he doesn’t live up to the previous “Faces of the Company,” he actually puts on much better matches than his predecessors.

Other than A.J. Styles, Reigns consistently puts on the best matches in the company and that his compared to a very talented roster.

There are many other superstars that the crowd goes bonkers for when they arrive, yet, all those have eye-catching issues that Reigns does not.

In particular, Braun Strowman, who now receives the most positive reaction no matter the arena he is in. However, Strowman is actually miles behind Reigns as far as in-ring is concerned.

Yes, it has been a joy seeing the Monster Among Men flipping over large vehicles, but how many times can they do it before it becomes stale and overused?

Strowman also cannot be matched with as many other performers due to his large size making it hard to put on a believable match that is even somewhat compelling.

Reigns, on the other hand, has been able to carry impressive feuds with performers of all sizes (Styles and Samoa Joe).

The crowd will never listen, but one day they will look back and realize Roman Reigns carried the company and was the correct choice.

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