Sean Miller Denies He's a Candidate, But Pitt Could Be His Port in a Storm

Sean Miller Denies He's a Candidate, But Pitt Could Be His Port in a Storm


Sean Miller Denies He's a Candidate, But Pitt Could Be His Port in a Storm


Sean Miller finds himself in a very difficult spot after Arizona’s early NCAA Tournament exit and the swirling accusations about his conduct and the conduct of those in his charge. There was a time not so long ago when his departure — by choice or by nudge — from Tuscon was an agreed-upon certainty. That heat has reduced to only a rolling boil, but make no mistake. The water in which Miller swims may be slowly overcoming him.

Miller is reportedly looking for safer harbor. And perhaps the only one that makes sense is Pitt, where he played from 1987-1992. One outlet is reporting that there might be mutual interest.

Arizona coach Sean Miller and Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke have discussed the Panthers’ vacant head coaching position, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

The former Pitt and Blackhawk standout, according to sources, is interested in the job.

Miller addressed that report, saying he is not a candidate.

That denial by Miller might be completely true and the final word. Be wary, though, of trusting what a coach says during hiring and firing season. Both parties would seem to share something in common: mutual desperation. Miller may not have a tenable future at Arizona and much value on the public market if something happens to his employment. Pitt is looking at a wholesale rebuild in the face after a disastrous Kevin Stallings tenure. Most players with a pulse are pursuing a transfer.

Miller would get a change of scenery, and less lofty goals to chase. Pitt would get Miller, a top-tier coach, and a gamble. If he’s cleared entirely, there’s no headache. If the other shoe drops at some point, they can cut bait without major blowback, hopefully with the program headed in a better direction.

If you believe Miller’s denial, there’s nothing to this report. But on paper, the idea makes sense for both parties should the status quo at Arizona deteriorate.

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