John Sterling's Giancarlo Stanton HR Call Is Horrific

John Sterling's Giancarlo Stanton HR Call Is Horrific


John Sterling's Giancarlo Stanton HR Call Is Horrific


Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run in his first at bat for the New York Yankees. It was a pretty amazing moment for the 28-year-old slugger. Unfortunately it was ruined by long-time Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling.

Sterling had apparently worked all offseason on what his call would be when Stanton finally hit a bomb. Let’s just say it disappointed:

For those who didn’t catch that, Sterling said, “Giancarlo, non non si può stoparlo.” That translates to “Giancarlo, you can not stop it.”

Really? That’s what you came up with after workshopping it for  about four months? That’s just brutal.

First off, Stanton isn’t even Italian, so why are you using an Italian phrase for his home run call? Because his name is Giancarlo? That makes no sense. None of this makes sense!

Off the top of my head here are several calls you could have used that would have been far less terrible:

Giancarlo GoFarGo!


Giancarlo dropped the “Mike” (get it?)

Giancarlo! Yeah, Jeets! Thanks No. 2.

Giancarlo! Holy Costanza that pitch was raised to give up!

I’m not even saying those are good, but they’re far better than what Sterling came up with. And I didn’t spend four months working on them.

If you have any suggestions for a Stanton home run call leave them in the comments.

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