The Big Lead 2018 Major League Baseball Predictions

The Big Lead 2018 Major League Baseball Predictions


The Big Lead 2018 Major League Baseball Predictions


Opening Day is here, on a dreary March Thursday across much of the country. But, hey, it’s baseball season! Here are our picks for the season, where there are around 8 teams that are seen as head-and-shoulders above the others. Then again, people thought the Cubs were a juggernaut at this time last year, and the Astros were coming off a season where they collapsed over the second half and missed the postseason.

American League East

Koster: New York Yankees. They’re going to make everyone sitting in the left-field bleachers sign a special release due to vicious Aaron Judge/Giancarlo Stanton home run balls. 

Phillips: Boston Red Sox

Lisk: Boston Red Sox, over the Yankees in a mild upset based on hype.

American League Central

Koster: Cleveland Indians. With 100-plus wins.

Phillips: Cleveland Indians

Lisk: Cleveland is the class of the division, could have three really bad teams to beat up on.

American League West

Koster: Houston Astros. A full season of Justin Verlander makes this borderline unfair.

Phillips: Houston Astros

Lisk: Houston Astros, they still has too much for everyone else and are loaded.


Koster: Los Angeles Angels over Boston Red Sox

Phillips: New York Yankees over Los Angeles Angels

Lisk: New York Yankees over the Los Angeles Angels, as Angels finally get to playoffs with Mike Trout.


Koster: Indians over Angels; Astros over Yankees

Phillips: Indians over Yankees, Red Sox over Astros

Lisk: Yankees over Indians, Red Sox over Astros


Koster: Astros over Indians

Phillips: Red Sox over Indians

Lisk: Red Sox over Yankees


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