Jon Gruden Cut Marquette King, Clearly Hates Anything Fun

Jon Gruden Cut Marquette King, Clearly Hates Anything Fun


Jon Gruden Cut Marquette King, Clearly Hates Anything Fun


Marquette King was cut by the Oakland Raiders on Friday, and the move was reportedly made at the behest of Jon Gruden.

Oh, message received Jon. We get it, you clearly hate anything fun.

King is one of the NFL’s best punters. There is zero doubt about that. The 29-year-old was Second-team All-Pro in 2016 and his consistently been among the league’s best statistically. He was third in net yards per punt (42.7) in 2017, and finished sixth in average yards per punt (47.4). Of his 69 punts, 28 ended up inside the 20, and returners averaged just 6.4 yards an attempt on him. He’s stellar at his job.

The problem Gruden clearly has is that King often dances after his punts and he’s very active on social media.

Some “old school” morons will whine about King “drawing attention to himself” by dancing after pinning opponents, but that’s ridiculous. Guys, it’s not 1960, athletes are allowed to have a little fun nowadays.

King is entertaining as hell. He’s fun and he makes games more enjoyable to watch.

Gruden didn’t even have the guts to meet with King face-to-face and inform him of the decision:

The Raiders will, of course, try to cover this by saying King was making too much money, but the $2.9 million he was due this season is the going rate for a top punter these days.

Make no mistake, this is about Gruden sending a message to his new team. That message is crystal clear: Don’t have a personality or even try to enjoy yourself while playing for my team.

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