Dick Vitale: Enough With All the Three-Pointers Already

Dick Vitale: Enough With All the Three-Pointers Already


Dick Vitale: Enough With All the Three-Pointers Already


Villanovaset an NCAA Tournament record on Saturday night by making 18 three-pointers against Kansas en route to a 95-79 victory. The Wildcats tied the previous mark with 3:45 left to play in the first half with a display of torrid shooting made to sink any dome-related marksmanship narrative. When the smoke settled, Jay Wright’s team had attempted 40 threes and 25 two-point field goals, prompting Dick Vitale to put his foot down and suggest some rule changes.

On one hand, there’s something kind of lame about complaining in the wake of a historic shooting display from beyond the arc. Villanova perfected the art of the long-range game last night and scored 95 points. It was exciting, productive basketball.

On the other, Vitale does have a point. The college game too often becomes a jump-shooting contest and outcomes are decided on who makes the most threes. There’s great similarity between teams as they focus more on threes instead of twos. One can understand how people find that boring in aggregate.

With college hoops tinkering with rules changes in the NIT, it’s not inconceivable that Vitale will get his wish sooner rather than later. It’s my personal belief that today’s players will continue to shoot and make threes at close to the same clip even if that happens, but wouldn’t mind being proven wrong.