Josh Rosen is Driving Football People Insane

Josh Rosen is Driving Football People Insane


Josh Rosen is Driving Football People Insane


Football People are having a devil of a time with Josh Rosen. The former UCLA quarterback confounds them endlessly with his reluctance to sing the songs they want him to sing.

Does this guy even like football?

Having a difficult time placing Rosen into a category of person they’re comfortable managing, the Football People are looking for an explanation for all this independence this little punk seems to have, and Jim Mora seems to have found one.

Mora has correctly identified critical thinking skills and a strong sense of self in the young prospect, then offers the nonsensical explanation that Rosen is this way because he is a Millennial.

For one thing, everyone in this draft class is a Millennial, and approximately none of them are like Josh Rosen. For another, is critical thinking even a Millennial stereotype?

Now, Mora was kidding, I’m sure. I doubt very much that he thought of himself as engaging in cultural criticism when he said that, and I don’t mean to take a silly quote too seriously. But it is a funny example of how a pre-existing narrative can be used to explain things that aren’t easy to explain, like Josh Rosen, and Ross Tucker is right that this is the sort of stuff a guy like Rosen is up against in an environment like the NFL, which burns fear for fuel.

When the leash is this short, there’s no time for smelling flowers, kid. 

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