10 Best Red-Headed Ballers of All-Time

10 Best Red-Headed Ballers of All-Time


10 Best Red-Headed Ballers of All-Time


Donte DiVincenzo balled out in last night’s National Championship game, and NBA players took notice. One of those guys was Blake Griffin, who tweeted the following:

After Griffin’s tweet, I started thinking about other guys with “reddish heads” that were good ball players.  I took it a step further and came up with my own all-time great red-headed ballers list.  It had to be done, so here goes:

  • Blake Griffin

  • Brian Scalabrine

  • Matt Bonner

  • Mark Eaton

  • Donte DiVincenzo

  • Dennis Johnson

  • Brad Lohaus

C: Bill Walton, Mark Eaton
PF: Blake Griffin, Matt Bonner, Brian Scalabrine, Brad Lohaus
SF: Dennis Rodman
SG: Delonte West, Donte DiVincenzo
PG: Dennis Johnson

That is not a bad squad at all if you ask me! IF this was a real squad, how many games are these guys winning?

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