Area Man Irked Pitching Coach Doesn't Wear Uniform

Area Man Irked Pitching Coach Doesn't Wear Uniform


Area Man Irked Pitching Coach Doesn't Wear Uniform


The calendar says April 4th but the Major League Baseball mailbags are in mid-season form. Peter Williams, a New York Yankees fan living on Long Island, wrote into Newsday to seek clarity on why pitching coach Larry Rothschild doesn’t wear the pinstripes — even after earning them.

“How come this guy’s not wearing a jersey?” said Williams, 48, of Sayville. He’s been watching the team since he was about 10, when the Yanks beat the Dodgers in six games in the 1977-78 World Series. “The Yankees are sticklers for guys not having beards. I would think that attention to detail would apply.

Rothschild’s preferred mound-strolling apparel is either a hooded sweatshirt or warmup jacket. Even on hot summer days, he’s wearing long sleeves, just baking in his own juices.

It’s challenging to find evidence of Rothschild wearing an actual baseball uniform and when one does, it’s clear he’s not thrilled about it.

So why does he do this? Well, sometimes the simplest explanations are the correct ones. Here’s the answer provided by Michael Margolis, director of baseball information for the Yankees.

“Aside from a pullover or sweatshirt being more comfortable than a jersey, Larry prefers to have the utility of a top that has pockets (to hold his pen, pitch counter, clicker, glasses, notes, etc.),” Margolis wrote in an email. “That’s it.”

Probably just a matter of time until Rothschild buys a Scottevest. Pockets galore in those bad boys.

A couple things on this: first, this practice is way more prevalent than some would believe. If you think every player and coach in a hoodie has a tucked-in jersey under there, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you (or a Scottevest). Secondly, let’s not get crazy here and push for managers to ditch the practice of wearing uniforms. Watching out-of-shape skippers fill out those pants and look ridiculous next to professional athletes is one of the few pure joys in life. I’m fearful what would happen if we took that little merriment from the masses.

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