Cris Carter's Stance on Josh Rosen Opens Up Quite a Pandora's Box

Cris Carter's Stance on Josh Rosen Opens Up Quite a Pandora's Box


Cris Carter's Stance on Josh Rosen Opens Up Quite a Pandora's Box


Cris Carter didn’t particularly care for the way Josh Rosen handled himself in the expansive ESPN the Magazine interview with Sam Alipour. The Hall of Fame wide receiver offered some advice to the young quarterback on Wednesday’s First Things First.

“Josh needs to be quiet,” Carter said. “Josh don’t know nothing about pro football.”

“He’s just a naive kid who doesn’t know a whole bunch of, like, pro football. He keeps stepping in it, stepping in it, and stepping in it. I don’t mind people being bright, but you can’t explain to me why guys are good in the NFL and why they are not when you’ve never been in the NFL.”

And you know what? Carter may be right. Rosen probably knows more about pro football and its inner workings than the average guy on the street due to his proximity and interaction with potential franchises, but it pales in comparison to the reservoir of life lessons Carter gleaned through the years.

Heck, let’s even concede that Carter’s assertion is correct. But let’s also take his comment to the next logical place.

You’ll see in the clip above that his co-host, Nick Wright, also opines on Rosen, which, under a strict reading of Carter’s beliefs, shouldn’t be done. Wright never played professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or anything else that he discusses for three hours every weekday. The same can be said of Jenna Wolfe. Why should the audience care about anything they to say without the requisite experience?

This come as a major shock to you but it appears Carter himself has given regular commentary on sports he did not play professionally.

A brief review of the show’s promoted content yields Carter adding his own insight — including which players and teams are good or bad — on a number of different topics.




Interesting. Something to think about when weighing the arguments Carter makes when speaking on a topic other than professional football, which, I bet happens tomorrow, bright and early.

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