Rick Pitino Wants the Siena Job

Rick Pitino Wants the Siena Job


Rick Pitino Wants the Siena Job

In an amazing display of confidence, repeatedly disgraced college basketball coach Rick Pitino would like to coach at Sienna, reports the Times-Union.

Pitino wants to discuss the opening with Siena officials, said Loudonville thoroughbred owner Roddy Valente, a longtime friend who is a partner with Pitino in the Kentucky Oaks contender Coach Rocks.

“He basically said given the opportunity, he would love to sit down and explore coaching at Siena,’’ Valente said this morning.

On the one hand, Pitino is one of the best college basketball coaches ever, a coaching talent on a level Siena would not ordinarily be able to get an interview with, much less hire. On the other, there is a reason Pitino is interested in this job, and it’s the same reason he’s no longer at Louisville, and it is ultimately the reason why Siena would be best off taking a pass.

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