Derek Jeter Is Delusional

Derek Jeter Is Delusional


Derek Jeter Is Delusional

Derek Jeter might be losing it. During an interview with for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the New York Yankees legend seemed to snap when Gumbel suggested the Miami Marlins might be tanking.


How dare Gumbel suggest the Marlins aren’t a good team and are tearing the roster down to save money and improve draft position. That’s just crazy…oh, and it’s also exactly what Jeter and company are doing.

I get that Jeter isn’t going to straight out say his team is tanking, but to not even acknowledge the reality of the situation is silly. Another team in rebuilding mode — the San Diego Padres — have openly discussed looking to the future. Other franchises have done that as well. For years the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs have done so. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about it.

The thing is, Jeter swooped in and immediately began a tear down, trading off Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna and Dee Gordon. That didn’t exactly endear him to fans in Miami. The right move would have been to approach things openly and sell the team’s devotees on a vision for the future. The charade that’s going on now is just a joke.

At the end of the above clip, Jeter says to call him delusional if you don’t think this Marlins team can contend. Hey Jeets? You’re delusional.

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