Jerry Jones: Please Don't Boo Roger Goodell

Jerry Jones: Please Don't Boo Roger Goodell


Jerry Jones: Please Don't Boo Roger Goodell


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is no stranger to being booed. In fact, he’s been known to play it up a bit when striding to the podium at the NFL Draft. But tonight there’s a foolproof plan to ensure he has a safe space at AT&T Stadium.

The commish will be joined by Dallas Cowboys greats Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, and Jason Witten when he makes his first appearance. Isn’t it nice that kindhearted people think pride in the home team will somehow overcome disdain for authority?

Look, even Jerry Jones, who has been known to butt heads with Goodell, is hoping for a positive reception.

“I don’t know of anybody, maybe other than me, that’s had more boos than Roger has,” Jones said at the pre-draft news conference. “I know about how that works. I do hope we can be positive in our reception. We are going to do something pretty special, and he did have a final say in that.”

Put me on record right now. Goodell is still getting booed. Lustily.

Nice try, though.

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