The Big Lead NFL Draft Media Draft

The Big Lead NFL Draft Media Draft


The Big Lead NFL Draft Media Draft

Draft night is here, with mock drafts now in the books the only obligation sports fans have left is deciding which draft coverage they will be watching.

Four writers from The Big Lead participated in a snake draft to assemble the best draft coverage for their own network. All four networks will be going head-to-head tonight in a fierce ratings war. The following categories were completed:

  • Host
  • NFL Draftnik
  • Former football players (2)
  • NFL Insiders (2)
  • Opinionist
  • On-Site Reporters (2)
  • Former Coach/Front Office Member
  • Current Player we’d like to see in media 

The Bobby Burack Sports Network: Charissa Thompson (Host), Mel Kiper Jr, (Draftnik), Tony Romo and Jesse Palmer (Former football players), Jay Glazer and Field Yates (Insiders), Colin Cowherd (Opinionist), Erin Andrews and Sal Paolantonio (On-Site Reporters), Jimmy Johnson (Former Coach/GM), Rob Gronkowski (Current Player we’d like to see in media). 

Why Watch? If one is looking for fun, knowledge, strong opinions and a thrill-ride this is the draft coverage from them. Here you get the number one studio host, the most recognizable draft expert, the most thought-provoking sports radio host in the country, and NO boring personalities. Romo made a case as the number one color-commentator in the NFL last year and will make the same case for his first time involved on the draft coverage. If a big story is to break, Jay Glazer will have you covered and won’t be putting it on Twitter. 

Kyle Koster News: Trey Wingo (Host), Daniel Jeremiah (Draftnik), Troy Aikman, Joel Klatt (Former football players), Peter King, Ian Rapoport (Insiders), PFT Commenter (Opinionist), Suzy Kolber and Bob Holtzman (On-Site Reporters), Louis Riddick (Former Coach/GM), Chris Long (Current Player we’d like to see in media).

Why Watch? First of all, it should be illegal to accumulate this level of handsome in one place. Secondly, we’re going to have some fun and you might just learn something. In conclusion, it’s ridiculous that there are even this many broadcasters in the pool to begin with.

The Jason Lisk Network: Rich Eisen (Host), Mike Mayock (Draftnik), Kirk herbstreit and Charles Davis (Former football players), Chris Mortensen and Mike Florio (Insiders), Will Cain (Opinionist), Josina Anderson and Jeff Darlington (On-Site Reporters), Scot McCloughan (Former Coach/GM), Richard Sherman (Current Player we’d like to see in media).

Why Watch? I’ve loaded my draft with top notch draft commentator s and savvy veterans, and we won’t tolerate any monkey business. Mayock and Eisen have great chemistry, and Herbstreit brings the college perspective while Charles Davis is one of the most polished draft guys who is kind of under the radar. Add in one of the best scouting former GMs who is currently consulting with several teams and has active knowledge (and plenty of insight on organizations) and the contrast of Richard Sherman and Will Cain both bringing commentary, and you won’t need to go to one of these other lesser networks.

The Ryan Glasspiegel Channel: Kay Adams (Host), Todd McShay (Draftnik), Deion Sanders and Nate Burleson (Former football players), Adam Schefter and Albert Breer (Insiders), Stugotz (Opinionist), Peter Schrager and Dianna Russini (On-Site Reporters), Bill Parcells, (Former Coach/GM), Aaron Rodgers (Current Player we’d like to see in media).

Why Watch? I have 3/4s of the formidable Good Morning Football crew, the Stugotz Army, one of the most cerebral players in NFL history as my current player in Rodgers, a rising star in Dianna Russini, a formidable draftnik in McShay, a former player in Deion Sanders who current players are for reasons I’m not quite sure of still drawn to like a magnet, and Parcells who although dormant of late is definitely the most interesting former football coach from a studio television perspective. The hardest pick was going with Kay Adams over Chris Berman, who went undrafted, in a nod to the future as opposed to nostalgia.

For insiders, I have Albert Breer who is as plugged into the true feelings and motives of NFL front offices as anyone, and Schefter who is hugely valuable in a setting where nobody can tip picks because if there is a blockbuster trade the smart money is on him to break the news.

Full Results:

  1. Round 1: Bobby – Mel Kiper, Draftnik
  2. Kyle – Trey Wingo, Host
  3. Lisk – Mike Mayock, Draftnik
  4. Ryan – Adam Schefter, Insider
  5. Round 2: Ryan – Todd McShay, Draftnik
  6. Lisk – Rich Eisen, Host
  7. Kyle – Louis Riddick, Former GM
  8. Bobby – Charissa Thompson, Host
  9. Round 3: Bobby, Colin Cowherd, Opinionist
  10. Kyle – Ian Rapoport, Insider
  11. Lisk – Kirk Herbstreit, former player
  12. Ryan – Deion Sanders, former player
  13. Round 4: Ryan, Peter Schrager, on-site reporter
  14. Lisk – Chris Mortensen, Insider
  15. Kyle — Troy Aikman, former player
  16. Bobby – Tony Romo, former player
  17. Round 5: Bobby – Jay Glazer, Insider
  18. Kyle — Peter King, Insider
  19. Lisk – Mike Florio, Insider
  20. Ryan – Nate Burleson, former player
  21. Round 6: Ryan – Stugotz, opinionist
  22. Lisk – Josina Anderson, reporter
  23. Kyle – PFT Commenter, Opinionist
  24. Bobby – Erin Andrews, on-site reporter
  25. Round 7: Bobby – Rob Gronkowski, current player
  26. Kyle – Daniel Jeremiah, draftnik
  27. Lisk – Richard Sherman, current player
  28. Ryan – Dianna Russini, reporter
  29. Round 8: Ryan – Kay Adams, host
  30. Lisk – Charles Davis, former player
  31. Kyle – Suzy Kolber, reporter
  32. Bobby – Sal Pal, reporter
  33. Round 9: Bobby – Jimmy Johnson, former coach/GM
  34. Kyle — Chris Long, current player
  35. Lisk — Scot McCloughan, former coach/GM
  36. Ryan — Aaron Rodgers, current player
  37. Round 10: Ryan — Albert Breer, insider
  38. Lisk — Jeff Darlington, reporter
  39. Kyle — Joel Klatt, former player
  40. Bobby — Jesse Palmer, former player
  41. Round 11: Bobby — Field Yates, Insider
  42. Kyle — Bob Holtzman, reporter
  43. Lisk — Will Cain, opinionist
  44. Ryan — Bill Parcells, former coach

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