Drake's Public Humiliation Knows No Limit

Drake's Public Humiliation Knows No Limit


Drake's Public Humiliation Knows No Limit


Drake is an international superstar and fabulously wealthy thanks to his musical talent. He has the freedom to create his own schedule and to do whatever he wants at any given time far more often than the average man. And yet he annually chooses to be courtside in Toronto to cheer on his beloved Raptors in the playoffs, an endeavor that has only ended in heartbreak and mild humiliation.

After LeBron James destroyed the Canadian side again last night, it appears things will once again end in pain for Drake.

Look, we should give the rapper credit for supporting his team in thick and thin. If one believes there are “good” fans and “bad” fans, Drake belongs in the first camp. It’s just that he makes himself part of the story time and time again, ensuring that he inevitable comeuppance will only be sweeter.

He ran his mouth to Kendrick Perkins in Game 1, prompting the NBA to issue a warning about using foul language in the future. Drake does put forth a slightly nerdy vibe, so perhaps getting scolded in such lame fashion is on-brand. But could you imagine any of his peers getting a similar warning and people actually thinking they’d be intimidated into following it out of fear?

God’s Plan for Drake included sitting helplessly as the Cavaliers eviscerated the Raptors to take a 2-0 series lead. It included watching James go 19-for-28 en route to 43 points, 14 assists, and 8 rebounds — and hearing about it from the future Hall of Famer.

Who needs that?

At this point Drake should be hoping the Raptors get swept so he doesn’t have to go back for Game 5 and watch the actual funeral from the first pew. All the money in the world can’t blunt that type of humiliation.

But, hey, Drake is committed to his mascot role and the cameras love him. He apparently needs this type of headache and is a glutton for punishment.

One wonders if he’ll ever garner any sympathy.

The smart money has to be on “nah.”

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