Thank You For All the Headlines, Matt Harvey

Thank You For All the Headlines, Matt Harvey


Thank You For All the Headlines, Matt Harvey


Matt Harvey was designated for assignment after refusing to play in the New York Mets’ minor league system, thus ending a once-bright future for the Dark Knight in Gotham. But, oh, the content he provided. If there were a TBL Hall of Fame, the mercurial righthander would already be a lock for first-ballot induction.

Feast your eyes upon the incredible headlines his New York run yielded and remember the good times.

Matt Harvey Apologizes, Admits To Being Out ‘Past Curfew’

Matt Harvey, 0-3 in Spring Training, Went to a Yacht Club With Adriana Lima

Report: Matt Harvey Was Out Partying Until 4 a.m. Before Skipping Game

The Mets Sent Security To Matt Harvey’s Apartment After No-Show

Matt Harvey Played Golf Before No-Showing At Mets Game Saturday

Matt Harvey and the New York Mets Are in a Rocky Marriage, But Should Stay Together

Matt Harvey Somehow Messed Up a Dark Knight-Themed Halloween Costume

Matt Harvey Doesn’t Speak With Reporters After Another Loss

New York Mets: Just a Coincidence Donald Trump Jr. Was Shark Fishing with Mickey Callaway and Matt Harvey

VIDEO: Matt Harvey’s Disappointing Search for Sunflower Seeds

Matt Harvey Got Stuck in Tunnel Traffic, Missed Mets’ Mandatory Workout

Matt Harvey Finally Won a Game, So He Went Golfing in the Bahamas on a Weekday

Matt Harvey Peeved at Media Over Health Coverage

Matt Harvey Cut Off Some “B——” Questions from Reporters

Matt Harvey Spent the Weekend Snuggling With a Celebrity

Matt Harvey Tangentially Involved in Late Night New York Bar Fight Reports New York Tabloid

Muscles in Matt Harvey’s Throwing Shoulder Half the Size of His Other Shoulder–Which Sounds Bad!

Matt Harvey Envies Derek Jeter’s Way With Women, Yearns to Be On Best Dressed Lists [UPDATE: Harvey Not Very Happy With Article]

And that’s just some of them. What a legend. It was so plainly obvious to anyone paying attention that Harvey was Icarus, flying too close to the Face of Baseball sun and destined to burn out.

Here’s hoping he’ll once again rise as a phoenix from the ashes, if only for the ensuing tabloid coverage.

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