Phil Mickelson's Shirt is Getting a Lot of Attention

Phil Mickelson's Shirt is Getting a Lot of Attention


Phil Mickelson's Shirt is Getting a Lot of Attention


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – The fans love Phil Mickelson and Phil loves his fans. Mickelson, who recently signed a deal with Mizzen+Main, a transformative mens wear brand, appears to relish the spotlight of his boardroom look on the course.

While I walked with Phil, Tiger, and Rickie at The Players Championship on Thursday, Phil heard more compliments, jokes, and jabs than I expected considering the company he shared.

As the group walked down the second fairway, one fan shouted, “Who are you wearing?”

Phil’s response was to laugh and tip his cap, something we’ve seen thousands of times now.

“When’s the board meeting?”

Another tip of the cap and smile.

“Did you get your TPS reports done, Phil?”

Yet again, another laugh and tip of the cap.

This continued over and over down every fairway for the entirety of his round and it looked like he enjoyed it. Phil is not shy about interacting with the crowds during his rounds, it appears to keep him relaxed.

While his play on the course left something to be desired, it was clear that at 47-years-old, Phil still loves the spotlight and when you’re playing with Tiger Woods, a guy who has more wins and majors, you’ve gotta keep the fans interested.

Lefty knows exactly how to do that.

Mickelson is currently nine-over par and won’t be around on the weekend.

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