Cole Beasley Dropped a Rap Album

Cole Beasley Dropped a Rap Album


Cole Beasley Dropped a Rap Album


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and rapper Cole Beasley has dropped his debut album, titled The Autobiography. He burst onto the scene in January with the single 80 Stings, which drew critical acclaim from those in the know.

And if you don’t think the release is full of bangers, you can keep your trap shut because Beasley has no time for the negativity. #ColeBeasleyFacts.

Beasley told TMZ that he is not a football player who raps but instead a rapper who happens to play football.

The album dovetails with Beasley’s ascension up the Cowboys’ route tree. He figures to improve on last season’s totals of 36 catches and four touchdowns with both Dez Bryant and Jason Witten off to new locations.

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