EXCLUSIVE: Donovan Mitchell’s "Rookie on the Rise" - Ep. 13 "Vision”

EXCLUSIVE: Donovan Mitchell’s "Rookie on the Rise" - Ep. 13 "Vision”


EXCLUSIVE: Donovan Mitchell’s "Rookie on the Rise" - Ep. 13 "Vision”


The Big Lead is providing an early peek at the thirteenth episode of Donovan Mitchell’s “Rookie On The Rise” series:

Each two- to five-minute episode features behind-the-scenes moments with Mitchell following his rise to national stardom, interactions with family and friends, his first All-Star Weekend experience, the race for Rookie of the Year, and more. The series offers fans a never-before-seen intimate look at an athlete whose career has caught the attention of the country. The 15 episode short-form digital docu-series was released on April 3.

In this episode, humble as ever, Donovan Mitchell credits most of his success to his NBA teammates and coaches and living each moment as if it were his last. As the Utah Jazz phenom rises to fame, he reveals how his mindset keeps him grounded amidst the chaos of success, and how it doesn’t matter if you got a late start or where you were drafted – it’s all about the hard work. 

The series is available for viewing on Young Hollywood TV available on Apple TV, Amazon Channels, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, YouTube, Twitter and other social channels.

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