Anxious World Awaits First Mike Francesa Tweet

Anxious World Awaits First Mike Francesa Tweet


Anxious World Awaits First Mike Francesa Tweet


Mike Francesa, who briefly retired before realizing just how good he had it and wouldn’t have it anywhere else, will send his first tweet later this afternoon. The blessed event is being hyped to a level approaching when the actual Pope joined Twitter. The Diet Coke enthusiast will pen his first 280-character-or-less observation from the microblogging platform’s New York City offices.

Synergy, right? Nothing speaks to Twitter’s bold and fresh future like Mike Francesa, an early adopter. The event follows a full-court press leading up to the big day by someone who does know how to tweet.

Look, it’s comical that Francesa finally getting online to send some tweets is being treated like LeBron James’ decision or the first James Comey sit-down. But there is that little nagging thought in the back of my mind that it’s indicative of a great gulf between how much Francesa and his fans think the public cares and how much the public, at large, actually cares.

Also, if you think he’s going to be a good follow, I have a snowblower in Montclair to sell you. It’s going to be the opposite of an interesting, wild ride. Never been more sure of anything in my life.

But, hey, enjoy your big day, sycophants. Go at it as hard as you can.

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