Real Madrid vs. Liverpool Champions League Final: Gambling Breakdown

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool Champions League Final: Gambling Breakdown


Real Madrid vs. Liverpool Champions League Final: Gambling Breakdown



Real Madrid pk/ -.5, +110 moneyline

Liverpool pk/ +.5, +190

Draw +240

Over/ Under 3 (o -130)

The worlds eyes will be locked on Kiev Saturday as Real Madrid and Liverpool face off in the UEFA Champions League Final. Yes I said the world, as more people will watch this match than the Super Bowl, and there is a good chance this will be the most-watched sporting event of all-time.

Real Madrid comes into this match as favorites trying to win its third straight Champions League Final, and fourth in the last five years. I compare them to the dominant 90s Chicago Bulls teams. And if Real are the Bulls, then Cristiano Ronaldo — who has been unstoppable — is their Michael Jordan.

Liverpool may not have Ronaldo but they do have arguably the most dangerous front three in world right now. Sadio Mane (10), Roberto Firmino (17) and Mohamed Salah (14) have contributed an insane 41 goals between them in this year’s Champions League. Led by Jurgen Klopp’s attacking style (think Phoenix Suns 7 seconds or less), Liverpool’s front three always gives them a chance.

Big Guns: Ronaldo and Salah

Two of the best players in the world and the biggest stars of the CL are set to face off against each other in tomorrow’s final. Ronaldo leads the CL in goals with 15. If Ronaldo is Jordan, Salah’s comparison is a young LeBron James (pre-title). Salah comes in with 10 goals and four assists, and has done it all for the Reds this season. This should be an amazing battle between the two tomorrow, and I can’t imagine either going down quietly.


Real Madrid 53 percent

Joes vs. Pros:

The public is currently split right now with 40 percent of moneyline bets on both Real Madrid and Liverpool.

My Pick:

Madrid is vulnerable to the counterattack — Marcelo is an attacking fullback who leaves his flank open at times — and that plays into the hands of Liverpool’s style. Bayern Munich had a ton of chances against Real, but just couldn’t finish. If the Reds get the same chances, Salah will hurt them, as he is currently the best finisher in the world.

Since this game is a coin-flip, I am taking Liverpool pk/ +.5 (shop around). If this ends as a draw in regulation (which I think is possible), I get half my money back. If the Reds win straight up, we are golden. I also foresee a lot of goals, especially late, so will also be on the Over 3.

Can’t wait!

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