NBA Finals Picks and MVP

NBA Finals Picks and MVP


NBA Finals Picks and MVP


For the fourth straight year, the NBA season will come down to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Currently, the Warriors are up 2-1 in the Finals matchups, and this year the Cavaliers are massive underdogs to even up the count. 

The writers at The Big Lead have predicted the outcome of the Finals, the Finals MVP, the X-factor of the series, and the storyline to watch:

Jason Lisk

Pick: Warriors in 6

Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

X-Factor: The Warriors top 4 players all staying healthy and not suspended.

Storyline to watch: Burner accounts.

Ryan Phillips

Pick: Warriors in 5

Finals MVP: Stephen Curry

X-Factor: Klay Thompson’s shooting

Storyline to watch: Will LeBron James look checked out if things don’t go well early in the series?

Bobby Burack

Pick: Warriors in 6

Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

X-Factor:Andre Iguodala

Storyline to watch: Is there a rift between Kevin Durant and Steph Curry late in games?

Vik Chokshi

Pick: Warriors in 6

Finals MVP: Steph Curry 

X-Factor: Kevin Love

Storyline to watch: Can someone other than LeBron James step up for the Cavs in the Finals? Warriors 4-2. The Warriors just have too much firepower for this Cavs team to handle. I see LeBron going into God mode and carrying them to a couple of wins, but ultimately running out of gas.

Jason McIntyre

Pick: Warriors in 6

Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

X-Factor: Jordan Bell

Storyline to watch: If the Cavs get a game or two, it’s because of apathy/boredom from the Warriors more than anything. That’s what happened after going up 2-1 on Houston. The best players the Cavs have seen this postseason are Victor Oladipo, DeMar DeRozan & Jayson Tatum. Durant edges out Curry for the MVP.

Kyle Koster

Pick: Cavaliers in 6

Finals MVP: LeBron James

X-Factor: Stephen Curry going out with an injury

Storyline to watch: Can the Warriors actually win close games? This series will have plenty. And I’m guessing no.

Ryan Glasspiegel

Pick: Cavs in 7

Finals MVP: LeBron James

X-Factor: JR Smith

Storyline to watch: LeBron puts the team on his back.


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