Ranking all 32 NFL Head Coaches from Worst to First

Ranking all 32 NFL Head Coaches from Worst to First


Ranking all 32 NFL Head Coaches from Worst to First


Here are all the NFL’s head coaches ranked while weighing their past success with how we think they’ll fare in the future.

32. Hue Jackson, Browns: He’s 1-31 on his career. He has won 3 percent of his games. I’d be stunned if he didn’t get fired in 2018. Even for Cleveland, one win is superlatively bad.

31. Todd Bowles, Jets: The Jets would have so much reason for optimism after Sam Darnold — if it wasn’t for Bowles. Bowles has the fourth-worst winning percentage in the NFL (.417). His offenses can’t score with the ninth fewest points per game (18.6). His defenses can’t stop people from scoring with the ninth most points allowed per game (23.9). That’s a losing combination.

30. Vance Joseph, Broncos: His seat is awfully hot. With Case Keenum at quarterback, it’s put up or shut up for Joseph, who could blame his 5-11 record in his rookie season on bad quarterbacking.

29. Dirk Koetter, Buccaneers: He’s an offensive mind that hasn’t figured out how to turn Tampa Bay into an offensive juggernaut. They’re getting the yards (ninth) but not the points (18th). Jameis Winston hasn’t developed into elite passer (though that might fall onto Winston). Koetter has no playoff appearances, and a 43.8 winning percentage in two seasons. To make things worse, Winston’s suspension will almost certainly put the Bucs in a 0-3 hole, and effectively end their season.

28. Marvin Lewis, Bengals: There’s nothing impressive about Lewis’ tenure except for its length. But his tenure has been more oppressive than impressive. He has four AFC north championships, seven playoff berths and 123 regular-season wins. He’s also the ignominious owner of a 52.3 winning percentage with zero playoff wins where he’s 0-7.

27. Jay Gruden, Redskins: He works for a tough organization, but he’s made only one playoff appearance (a loss to the Packers in 2015). He’ll inherit Alex Smith in a make-or-break year. The idea is that if the Chiefs can make Smith look good the Gruden can, too. We’ll see if that works out.

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