Tim Tebow Update: Just Call Him Up Already

Tim Tebow Update: Just Call Him Up Already


Tim Tebow Update: Just Call Him Up Already


Tim Tebow has been making obvious strides at Double-A Binghamton. Through 65 games, he’s hitting a respectable .256. His on-base percentage is a respectable .333. His slugging is a bit low, at .399, but not embarrassing. The soon-to-be 31-year-old outfielder is having a much better campaign than he did last year, when he emerged from the clouds to pursue his dream of playing high-level baseball. And his OPS reflects that, sitting 76 points higher than his 2017 mark.

So, naturally, it’s time for the Major League whispers to grow into casual, out-loud dinner conversation. Zach Braziller of the New York Post explores the possibility of Tebow to the Mets and how it’s never been a more reasonable proposition. It’s chock-full of testimonials from coaches, players, and coaches who rave about the former NFL quarterback’s work ethic and demeanor.

These two elements have never been a question. What’s always been suspect is Tebow’s actual baseball ability. Lo and behold, the guy has some. The rust has been shaken off and he looks like a passable facsimile of a guy who could get a call-up.

And you know what? That’s good enough. The Mets need to strike while the iron’s hot and move Tebow along, closer to Queens if not completely there. Can’t believe I’m saying this? Well, that’s because my eyes are wide open. I’m under no illusion about what the plan has been all along.

Get Tebow to The Show whether he’s earned it or not. This may be the closest he comes to earning it. If it’s going to happen soon, why not now?

his .737 OPS through 224 plate appearances is 81 points better than the mark he posted a year ago. And over his previous 18 games he batted .321 (17-for-53) with an impressive .848 OPS. He hit safely in 11 of his previous 15 games, and had a stellar 315/.362/.481 slash line this month.

This is the shiny object to distract from Tebow’s strikeout habit, which is getting worse. He’s fanned 85 times already, well ahead of last year’s pace (126). He has obvious flaws. Those are less obvious right now.

Then there’s the Mets, currently 13 games under .500. They’ve gone 20-43 since a hot start and seem well on the way to irrelevance. Something has to get rear ends in the seats through the dog days. Not to be too cynical, but wouldn’t three months of Tebow be better than the inevitable September promotion?

Something to think about for the Mets, who have been reverse-engineering this experiment for a long time and may end up looking good in the end.

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