Astros Win on Ugliest Walk-Off Imaginable

Astros Win on Ugliest Walk-Off Imaginable


Astros Win on Ugliest Walk-Off Imaginable


The Houston Astros are trying to hold off the surprising Seattle Mariners in the AL West so every victory counts. They can’t be picky about aesthetics. If they could, though, there’s a good chance Tuesday night’s victory would be returned. Why? Because the deciding moments were as ugly as they come.

Alex Bregman stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 11th with the score tied at 5 and runners at first and second. He tapped a ball a few feet that looked as if it would stay foul, but spun into fair territory. Oakland catcher Jonathan Lucroy, in a rush to grab it and get any out, fumbled it around for a bit before uncorking a throw off of Bregman’s helmet and into no-man’s land, allowing the winning run to score.

Gross. Just gross. The type of stuff you’d see at your town’s second-best Little League on a given night.

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