Kevin Durant Should Go After Posters On Social Media

Kevin Durant Should Go After Posters On Social Media


Kevin Durant Should Go After Posters On Social Media


Kevin Durant has had a busy and exciting few months. Not only did he just win his second NBA title and Finals MVP, he also inked a sweet deal with the Golden State Warriors.

But, all of that has not prevented KD from staying off the internet. Burner accounts be damned! This time Durant took issue with an Instagram post by Kalyb Champion, who runs the page bucketscenter.

Champion captioned the post “3 elite two way players but don’t elevate a team quite like LeBron and Steph due to their playmaking/leadership deficiencies.”

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Thoughts? Agree or disagree? 💭🏀 #bucketgetters

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To which Durant replied:

“Bruh go sweep ya dorm room, u don’t know hoops. Stop tagging me in this trash”

KD wasn’t done. Champion would later post screenshots from Durant’s account which called Champion a “middle school/knock off stephen a. And, as you can see from the multiple photos in the Instagram post, the two went back and forth for some time:

Let me start by saying, I have no beef with Champion. He posted his opinion, and whether or not I agree with it, he is entitled to that. Champion is also 17-years-old. I don’t remember what I was doing at 17, but I’ve learned from my experiences and grown up. If he really does believe what he posted, to each his own. And, these types of discussions are exactly what makes sports arguments fun in the first place. That being said, and this might come as a surprise to some, I am siding with Durant on this one.

First, the thought that KD doesn’t elevate his team like Steph Curry and LeBron James is ridiculous. Second, the masses have been taking shots at KD ever since he joined the Warriors, so I can see why he would be upset. And, if he feels strongly about something like this (he does), who are we to stop him? Third, people post crazy stuff like this everyday on social media. When will it stop? Maybe more athletes need to speak up like Durant did.  And, all of this definitely gets trickier when the person posting is a 17-year-old. Or does it? 

At the end of the day, these ballers are all regular guys just like us, even if they are in a higher tax bracket. So if he wants to go after guys who take shots at him during his summer break, it’s his prerogative. If you don’t want KD in your DM’s, don’t tag him. I know this won’t sit well with many, but Durant’s authenticity is refreshing in this instance. 

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