Please, Manny Pacquiao, Put 'Over' Vasyl Lomachenko

Please, Manny Pacquiao, Put 'Over' Vasyl Lomachenko


Please, Manny Pacquiao, Put 'Over' Vasyl Lomachenko


Manny Pacquiao’s TKO victory over Lucas Matthysse was not just a return to the ring, it was a return to dominance. Pacquiao’s best performance in a half decade should have the boxing world craving that it results in a matchup with his promotion Top Rank’s young superstar, Vasyl Lomachenko as rumored.

Lomachenko is currently the best boxer in the world but is yet to enter the vocabulary of anyone outside of boxing’s hardcore fans. This is not a result of any shortcomings from Lomachenko, but the lack of name recognition of his opponents.

Putting Pacquiao across from Lomachenko will resemble an old WWE tactic of a legend putting a young talent over. The only traditional way to get a wrestler over – the fans buying into the wrestler – is to have them defeat an already established name with the lights shining brightly on the match.

That is exactly the way boxing, and Top Rank, in particular, can boost Lomachenko to higher heights. This one would not need Vince McMahon's touch as a dominant Lomachenko victory over the legend is imminent.

Facing off against the second best boxer of the past decade, one of the most loved subjects in the sport, and one half of the most lucrative fight of all-time is the ideal situation for Lomachenko. The downside, a lost, is not happening, it is not.

Lomachenko is such an otherworldly talent that it has become only logical to believe there is just nobody alive around his weight beating him. The arsenal held by Lomachenko has become so dominant, so unbeatable, so mythological that even Pacquiao in his prime would struggle to go toe-to-toe.

Any other fight for Lomachenko will continue to add to his already impressive resume but will not get him “over” like he deserves.

The only one who should not be dreaming of a Manny Pacquiao vs Vasyl Lomachenko showdown is Pacquiao. However, according to Pacquiao, “fighting him [Lomachenko] will be good and exciting.”

Hey, if he willing to endure the punishment, who is stopping this?

This matchup is presumably at the top of Top Rank’s priority unless they elect to pair Pacquiao with their other young phenom, Terence Crawford.

What a story it would be if the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather is created by Manny Pacquiao …

Do it for us, Manny.



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