The Five Worst Moves Of The 2018 NBA Offseason

The Five Worst Moves Of The 2018 NBA Offseason


The Five Worst Moves Of The 2018 NBA Offseason


Now that Kawhi Leonard and Carmelo Anthony have been traded, it’s safe to say all the major moves of the 2018 NBA offseason are behind us. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks that have seen a number of All-Stars change addresses.

While some of those moves were fantastic, we’re not here to focus on the positive because that’s just not our style. So instead, we’ve put together our list of the five worst moves of the 2018 NBA offseason below.

Houston gives Chris Paul ALL the money

Like a few other deals on this list, the Houston Rockets really had no choice here. But still, the price tag on this contract is just ridiculous for an oft-injured, 33-year-old Chris Paul.

The contract breakdown is a mess. In 2018-19, Paul will make $35.65 and the deal will escalate by about $3 million each year, so he’ll be making $44.21 million in 2021-22 as a 36-year-old. If this deal was signed five years ago, I’d have no problem with it, but now? It’s foolish.

Paul has been an injury risk during all of his 13 NBA seasons. Seriously, look at this partial list of ailments he’s dealt with since January of 2014. He’s played in more than 70 games just six times, and has missed 45 regular season games over the past two years. Expecting a 6-foot, 175-point guard to get less injury-prone in his mid-30s is a foolish bet.

Between Paul and reigning MVP James Harden, the Rockets owe two players $66 million next season. That leaves little room for improvements. Those two guys take up 55.27 percent of the team’s cap space. Yes, they’re a great duo now, but the future looks dim in Houston after perhaps one more great season together.

The Rockets’ current roster might challenge the Golden State Warriors this coming season, but after that the franchise will be a mess financially because of Paul’s new deal.

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