Yet Another LeBron James Lakers Mural Vandalized

Yet Another LeBron James Lakers Mural Vandalized


Yet Another LeBron James Lakers Mural Vandalized


The artist’s spirit probably says to keep going forward with the work despite setbacks. But at a certain point, the skilled muralists in Southern California will conclude that a piece depicting LeBron James as a Los Angeles Laker triggers too many emotions. Fair or not, perhaps the world is just not ready for such art.

Vandals have once again ruined such an effort because they want to see the world burn. Or they just don’t care for James’ spotty NBA Finals record. Whatever the reason, the finished product is the same.

What a shame. Just yesterday this piece was getting headlines for positive reasons, not criminal ones. Earlier this month, a different James mural was defaced, then fixed, then eventually painted over completely.

This trend of destruction is incredibly lame and will prove to be rather pointless. James will play for the Lakers no matter how many public works are ruined. And it’s not like he’s the one feeling the pain when the work is defaced.

But, hey, way to express your opinion in the dumbest and lamest way possible, vandals.

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