LSU Bride Sabotages Alabama Groom's Cake

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LSU Bride Sabotages Alabama Groom's Cake


LSU Bride Sabotages Alabama Groom's Cake


The last time the LSU Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide was November 5th, 2011 in the “Game of the Century.” That win helped propel the Tigers into the national championship where they lost 21-0 to … Alabama. Since that BCS championship game, LSU hasn’t beaten Alabama on the football field.

As a Tiger fan, this is a very tough thing to swallow, but there’s always a way to take a little jab at Bama fans and this LSU bride did just that to her Bama groom.

The groom’s cake was decked out in Alabama colors with a big Bama “A” logo on top, but once the groom cut into the cake, while he was taking a few shots of his own at LSU fans attending his wedding, he was met with a little surprise.

Here’s to hoping that these two can survive a lifetime of LSU-Alabama games and the Tigers can knock off the Tide this season.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the latter will happen.