Jay Cutler Started the Fire

Jay Cutler Started the Fire


Jay Cutler Started the Fire


Not so long ago, Jay Cutler found himself in at a Robert Frost crossroad. Two paths diverged in the yellow wood of post-NFL quarterbacking. One was well-trodden: transition to the Fox Sports booth for a second act as an analyst. The other was less traveled: become a reality television star on wife Kristin Cavallari’s show. Cutler chose the latter and it has made all the difference.

Hot on the heels of going viral for his selfless loving, the former gunslinger displayed the cool confidence and pocket poise of yesteryear on last night’s episode. Check out the nonchalant manner in which he handled a small kitchen fire of his own making.

You are looking at America’s most versatile entertainer, folks.

It’s striking to consider the Sliding Doors nature of Cutler’s decision. Imagining all that electricity and charm handcuffed by constraints of a 1 p.m. Bengals-Buccaneers game is harrowing.

Clearly, Cutler chose the correct path.

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