College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat

College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat


College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat


The burning passion and ultraviolet spotlight of college football burns with great intensity. For coaches, if you’re not winning — and winning regularly — you’re falling behind and wasting the precious time of a demanding fanbase. Each and every year, a cadre of coaches enter the season with warm rear ends thanks to a hot seat. This is this season’s group, for whom it’s win now or else.

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech

He’s a Red Raider through and through. He has charisma and Ryan Gosling looks. He was expected to be the savior in Lubbock and excelled in his first year (2013) with an 8-5 mark. Somewhere along the line, though, the hype train fell off the rails. Kingsbury is 30-33 overall and 16-29 in the Big 12. Texas Tech has made two bowl games and been mostly a non-factor on the national scale. This is not what the university hoped for when they brought in the shiny new toy. If he were an outsider, there’s reason to believe he’d already have been shown the door. Another lackluster year makes the rationalization project a little more difficult.

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