Here's Nick Wright's Sleep Schedule

Here's Nick Wright's Sleep Schedule


Here's Nick Wright's Sleep Schedule


First Things First co-host Nick Wright will host a weekday radio show from 6-8 p.m. ET on SIRIUSXM’s Mad Dog Radio, he announced Thursday. Wright, who is perhaps best known for his pro-LeBron James opinions and keeping diligent count of how many episodes of his television show have aired on FS1, now has the opportunity to serve as the soundtrack to both your breakfast and dinner.

If you’re worried that a unique schedule will throw off his sleep schedule, please have no fear. He has accounted for that very thing.

Sports media has become the bizarro NFL, where if you have two jobs you’re good but if you have one you don’t have any. Wright’s debate show-radio gigs mirror the two-step being done by Stephen A. Smith, a former Mad Dog personality.

We’re still awaiting a detailed breakdown of his particular sleep cycle.

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