Terry Bradshaw: Mike Tomlin "Not My Kind of Coach"

Terry Bradshaw: Mike Tomlin "Not My Kind of Coach"


Terry Bradshaw: Mike Tomlin "Not My Kind of Coach"


Former Pittsburgh Steelersgreat Terry Bradshaw had some pointed criticism for current coach Mike Tomlin during an appearance on 97.3 The Fan in San Diego. Bradshaw, who has never been a big proponent of Tomlin, has beef with the buddy-buddy business at play on the sidelines and in the locker room.

“I played for a tough sucker, and I was afraid of him, and we played our ass off for him because we feared him,” Bradshaw said. “I don’t see that with this guy. He’s chest bumping and all that. I’m the head of the corporation, I’m the CEO, I’m the chairman of the board, I’m talking to the stockholders telling them here’s how we’re gonna do at the end of the quarter. I’m selling this thing, and I’m not delivering the goods, which is championships. You’ve got to face the criticism. I’m sorry, but he’s not my kind of coach. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.”

Tomlin has complied a 116-60 regular season record with the Steelers while winning one Super Bowl and losing another. He has been blessed with a Hall of Fame talent at quarterback and playmakers pepper the offense. Bradshaw, who chided Tomlin for what he sees at cheerleading ways last year, took particular exception with the Steelers’ playoff loss to Jacksonville.

“I don’t care how Jacksonville played New England in the championship game. You don’t lose 45-42. Are you kidding me?

In a championship game?”

If you’re keeping score at home, there’s only one AFC Championship Game, regardless of what Bradshaw’s comments suggest.

Suggesting Tomlin should have more Super Bowls to his name at this point is a fair critique, but the main impediment hasn’t been his personality but rather the very existence of the New England Patriots.

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