Josh Allen is Now Ready to Start for the Hapless Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is Now Ready to Start for the Hapless Buffalo Bills


Josh Allen is Now Ready to Start for the Hapless Buffalo Bills


The Nathan Peterman caretaker era lasted just over one half. Josh Allen, who was widely viewed as a project who would need some time, has been named the starter for the Buffalo Bills. The time is now.

The problem here is that Buffalo didn’t have a sufficient quarterback room to allow Allen that chance to sit and learn. Nathan Peterman might be the worst quarterback to ever start a season opener. The Bills haven’t just been normal bad, they’ve been rubbernecking-at-the mass-pileup disastrously bad when Peterman starts, and that’s not an option. Buffalo needs a bridge veteran who can start–we see what Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to do. They also had that guy in Tyrod Taylor, but benched him for Peterman and traded him away.

And so now Josh Allen, who has plenty of red flags about his ability to ever pan out in the NFL, is thrown into an awful situation with a bad offensive line, an aging running back, and questionable receiving options. I know the Colin Kaepernick ship has sailed with the NFL, but I think Buffalo should think about whether it’s better to preserve Allen’s confidence at the expense of bringing someone in who could bridge this year.

Buffalo really is in a no-win situation, and by that I mean they may get no wins, unless they get some defensive scores and good bounces.

Josh Allen is going to struggle, mightily. I picked the Bills to finish with the worst record in the NFL this year and get the first overall pick, and after one week, they are worse than I thought they would be. Buffalo is going to find itself in a nightmare scenario if that happens. They could end up with the first overall pick, having just spent a high pick on a quarterback, have that quarterback put up dreadful numbers, but not know if they need to draft another quarterback and risk passing on a good option in a year.


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