Best NFL Value Bets Against the Spread in Week 4

Best NFL Value Bets Against the Spread in Week 4


Best NFL Value Bets Against the Spread in Week 4


My new podcast is focused on sports gambling and it’s called Coming Up Winners. You can bet against me and win my money. Yes, it’s true. Here’s episode three on iTunes. Thank you for subscribing and rating and reviewing.

The NFL betting public is getting annihilated. The last two weeks have been an absolute bloodbath for the general public, which I’ll define here as recreational gamblers – guys who pop into Vegas for the weekend and bet a couple hundred bucks or guys who bet just to have some action on a game. These betters usually love favorites and love to bet overs. If they whiff during the day, they often double down and chase in the night games.

So far this season, three double digit favorites have lost (Saints vs Bucs, Vikings vs Bills, Jaguars vs Titans). In prime time, it’s been worse: According to the Action Network, public betters are 2-8 ATS in prime time (excluding Thursday night’s Rams vs Vikings game).

Is this the week when the public starts to win again? Or will the home underdogs – who are 10-4 against the spread so far this year – stay hot?

Part of a reason I started the Coming Up Winners podcast is to help the general public, sharing my process and working a numbers guy (Andrew Lynch) in an effort to make everyone smarter.

Hopefully, some of the information in the podcast will not only shed light on my (lucky?) 13-2 start in the Supercontest, but also help you pick some winners.

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