Chargers Preparing For A 'Road Game' At The StubHub Center

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Chargers Preparing For A 'Road Game' At The StubHub Center


Chargers Preparing For A 'Road Game' At The StubHub Center


The Los Angeles Chargers hit a new low this week. As they prepared for their Week 5 matchup with the Oakland Raiders the following was reported during their Thursday practice:

They’re piping in crowd noise during practice…just a reminder: they play at home this week!

The Chargers have struggled to find their own fans in their new city and apparently they’ve just given up on ever expecting a home field advantage at the StubHub Center.

Yes, there are a lot of Raiders fans in Los Angeles, but the Chargers have consistently faced hostile crowds in their own building since moving away from San Diego. The fact that they’re just expecting to face an overwhelming crowd for the opposing team every week is just sad. Well, sad and hilarious.

The Spanos family moved to Los Angeles purely as a money grab and just expected their new home to embrace the franchise. Oh, and they expected San Diego to continue supporting the team. Neither thing has happened and now Philip Rivers has to use a silent count at home every game.

In San Diego the Chargers had loyal, hardcore fans. Yes, there were a few games over the years where opposing fans packed the stadium when the team was terrible. But the current squad was a sexy preseason Super Bowl pick. This should not be happening.

I feel bad for the players. They didn’t ask for the move and many didn’t want it. But I can’t help but laugh every time this happens. This is what Dean Spanos and his sons deserve.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, as long as they keep failing in LA, I’ll keep writing about it.

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