Now's a Good Time to Buy Low on Eagles and Packers Super Bowl Odds

Now's a Good Time to Buy Low on Eagles and Packers Super Bowl Odds


Now's a Good Time to Buy Low on Eagles and Packers Super Bowl Odds


There’s no sugarcoating it: The Eagles and Packers have had profoundly disappointing starts to their respective seasons. Philadelphia lost at home to the Vikings on Sunday to drop to 2-3, and really have not looked themselves all season. Green Bay, meanwhile, left 11 points on the board with missed Mason Crosby kicks and also gave up a weird muffed punt touchdown in a loss to the Lions that put them at .500 at 2-2-1.

The Eagles and Packers have Super Bowl odds at the Las Vegas Superbook that reflect their mediocrity:

If you put $50 on each now, you’d win $1500 if the Packers won the Super Bowl or $2,000 if the Eagles won. Do I think these teams are likely to win it all at this point? No, I do not, but I do think they’re good value.

The Packers play the 49ers at home on Monday Night Football next week, where they are favored by slightly more than a touchdown. If they win that game, they go into their bye week at 3-2-1, with the opportunity to get healthier at the break. Seemingly as always, they’re banged up. They were missing their 2nd and 3rd best receivers in Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison on Sunday, in addition to one of their best cornerbacks in Jaire Alexander. Another CB Kevin King has missed some time. Aaron Rodgers has been hobbled and a week off will presumably do wonders for his ailing knee.

After their bye, the Packers have a tough pair of road games at the Rams and Patriots back to back. If they can beat the 49ers and then split those two games, they’d be 4-3-1 with a decent though still not slam dunk shot at making the playoffs in the NFC. Once in the playoffs, they could win any game that Aaron Rodgers starts.

The Eagles, meanwhile, have had a bit of a Super Bowl hangover. Early season issues could be attributable to Nick Foles being in for Carson Wentz, and then Wentz has not really been himself since returning from his ACL tear. Nevertheless, they have the advantage of playing in the NFC East, where nobody has really distinguished themselves.

The Skins currently lead the division at 2-1; they play in New Orleans tonight in a game that they are more likely than not to lose. If that happens, the Eagles are only a half-game behind them. They’re tied with the inconsistent Cowboys and a game ahead of the even more inconsistent Giants. The Eagles still have all six of their divisional games remaining. As Wentz gets his legs back, it’s quite conceivable Philadelphia could go on a big run.

The NFL season is a long and fickle beast. The Packers and Eagles could very well rebound to a point where they will not necessarily be favorites headed into the playoffs, but nonetheless in the mix where their odds have appreciated a good deal from where they are now.

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