5 Coaches Who Could Save Josh Rosen

5 Coaches Who Could Save Josh Rosen


5 Coaches Who Could Save Josh Rosen


Josh Rosen’s first four NFL starts read like an S.O.S. message. The rookie quarterback has been in need of help.

Rosen was supposed to be pro-ready. He doesn’t look like it. He may not have had the highest ceiling among the quarterback prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft, but many expected Rosen to contribute immediately for a franchise. Rosen took over quickly for the Arizona Cardinals, but the results have been poor, particularly in Week 7 when the Denver Broncos demoralized Arizona on Thursday night, 45-10. Terrorized by Von Miller, Rosen threw three interceptions amid six sacks and a fumble.

This bad start isn’t Rosen’s fault — not entirely. Rosen is playing behind a bad offensive line and under a really bad coaching staff, which can’t seem to get together a coherent offensive game plan for their rookie quarterback. MMQB’s Connor Orr painted a nice picture of the outdated and simplistic scheme which the Cardinals are running. Larry Fitzgerald’s dad is also not happy with how offense coordinator Mike McCoy. Even running back David Johnson is starting to look like a one-year wonder when he should be a serial 1,000-yard rusher.

With so many gifted offensive coaches in the NFL and in college, here are a few that could help save Rosen’s career, much like Sean McVay did for Jared Goff in L.A. and Matt Nagy seems to be doing for Mitchell Trubisky in Chicago.

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma’ head coach

Quarterback Kyler Murray looks like a stud. Of course, Murray is not a stud. He just looks like one. That’s a feather in Riley’s cap.

Baker Mayfield also looks pro-ready despite the Cleveland Browns holding him out of action for as long as they could. Another feather in Riley’s cap.

Until last Saturday when the Sooners lost to No. 7 Texas, the Sooners hadn’t skipped a beat since the departure of Mayfield. Riley’s Sooners have averaged 315.8 yards per game, 48 points per game and they own a 92 percent red zone efficiency. That’s silly.

If Riley wants to jump into the NFL, he’ll have better offers than the Cardinals. But that’s not the exercise. So could Riley help get Rosen going? Absolutely.

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