Nothing's Funnier Than Blocking a Small Child's Shot

Nothing's Funnier Than Blocking a Small Child's Shot


Nothing's Funnier Than Blocking a Small Child's Shot


DeMarcus Cousins is rehabbing from a torn Achilles. Once healthy, he will join a completely stacked Golden State Warriors team and likely breeze to his first NBA championship. The mercurial big man found some time to give back recently at San Francisco’s Malcolm X Academy, where he delighted young children by rejecting their shots into oblivion.

Tremendous stuff.

Now, some people would tell you this is rude. Some would say it’s mean. Some would say blocking a youngster’s shot is bad for their self-confidence.

I say … yeah, that may be right, but it’s definitely a small sacrifice for what has to the be apex of all comedic bits. It’s at the forefront of one of the best SportsCenter commercials ever produced.

It’s a part of one of the finest It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes.

It’s such a guilty pleasure to see a 4-foot-2 youth get violently stuffed. A well-adjusted adult should not be doing it. And yet, when they do … it’s perfection.

Perhaps the only funnier thing is when a grown man or woman posterizes a kid, as this guy did.

Stop, stop. My sides hurt.

To those asking, “hey, how would you feel if it were your kid getting blocked,” there’s a simple answer. Great. I’d feel great. Sending my young son’s would-be layups on his Fisher-Price basketball set has provided both of us with hours of entertainment. You’ve never seen a kid laugh so hard. And now he knows about the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag.

Joel Embiid gets it.

Anyway, congratulations to Cousins for creating a fantastic and character-building moment for these school children — and comedy for the rest of us.

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