REPORTS: Cavaliers Fire Ty Lue

REPORTS: Cavaliers Fire Ty Lue


REPORTS: Cavaliers Fire Ty Lue


The Cleveland Cavaliers, who have started the season winless through six games, fired their coach Ty Lue, according to multiple reports.

Assistant Larry Drew is an option to take over as interim coach, according to The Athletic.

The Cavaliers hired Lue in 2016 after he’d spent three seasons as their assistant head coach. He and the Cavs won a championship in his first year as coach. They lost in the NBA Finals in the two years that followed.

For much of the 2017-18 season, he and LeBron James seemed to be at odds, with LeBron often upending Lue’s authority. And while things with LeBron weren’t great, Lue and the Cavaliers have been much worse without LeBron, which might be why Cleveland is ready to fire their coach so early in the season. Lue hasn’t won a game without LeBron, and they must think he can’t.

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