Josh Gordon Is Never Going To 'Get It'

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon Is Never Going To 'Get It'


Josh Gordon Is Never Going To 'Get It'


Josh Gordon has finally done what we all expected and screwed up with the New England Patriots. After weeks of hearing how he was doing and saying the right things since joining the Patriots, he finally reverted back to being Josh Gordon. At this point we should all agree that the 27-year-old receiver never going to change.

Ian Rapoport is reporting Gordon will be disciplined by the Patriots for “tardiness” during their matchup with the Buffalo Bills Monday night. He’s expected to be benched for a few series then get regular reps after that.

Gordon was reportedly late at least twice last week in the lead-up to the Bills game. He was late for a meeting and was also late for the team’s trip from Gillette Stadium to Buffalo.

Gordon is insanely talented. In fact, from a purely physical perspective, there are maybe four receivers even on his level in the NFL. Despite no preseason with the Patriots and virtually no knowledge of the team’s playbook, Gordon has been outstanding the last few weeks. In Week 7 against the Chicago Bears, he had four catches for 100 yards. He’s a legit monster when healthy. But the guy just can’t get his life straight.

Gordon isn’t screwing up his second chance by being late, this is like his ninth chance. Not only that, he’s blowing an opportunity with arguably the best franchise in American professional sports. If playing for the Patriots, being coached by Bill Belichick and thrown passes by Tom Brady didn’t snap him into being a responsibly human being, nothing will. That’s just incredibly sad.

Maybe this will be the wake-up call that sets Gordon straight, but don’t bet on it. Some guys just can’t get out of their own way.

I think most sports fans are rooting for Gordon to finally “get it” because he’s so immensely talented and fun to watch on the field. But the facts are this: he blew his chance at Baylor, blew his chance at Utah, blew multiple chances with the Cleveland Browns and is now screwing up in New England.

Talented individuals are given a ton of leeway in any industry. Sadly, it looks like Gordon will use of all of his opportunities before he even turns 30.

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