Patrick Mahomes has Passed Steph Curry as the Most Must-See Athlete on TV

Patrick Mahomes has Passed Steph Curry as the Most Must-See Athlete on TV


Patrick Mahomes has Passed Steph Curry as the Most Must-See Athlete on TV


Yes, we all know Patrick Mahomes’ first eight games this season are as good of a first eight games a quarterback has ever had. But that is not the topic. The topic is that he has passed Steph Curry as the most must-see, drop what you are doing and watch athlete on television in North America.

Each and every possession, Mahomes is just one flick of the wrist away from a SportsCenter Top 10 Play, instant Twitter retweet, breathtaking touchdown to add to his league-leading total. A 70-yard passing touchdown does not need to come with an abundance of yards after the catch when “Showtime Mahomes” is running the show:

Speaking of “Showtime,” the nickname given by the voice of Monday Night Football Joe Tessitore, you just never know what Mahomes will do when things break down. Tess, narrate what I mean:

For such a young quarterback, it has become a treat to watch him orchestrate an offense. Mahomes is dominating the NFL by making the right decisions pre-snap as well as post-snap:

Now, enough with showing teasers, just process what he has already done and how you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching him. On the road, in primetime, against the NFL’s evil empire, Mahomes went toe-to-toe with the quarterback most consider the G.O.A.T. Mahomes tossed four touchdowns, with over 352 yards against the Patriots, and judging by the eye test, was the best quarterback on the field in a game with more than immense pressure. If only he had another chance with the ball in his hands …

As for the four touchdown, who doesn’t want to witness the score constantly rising due to touchdown passes? Because in eight games this season, in five of them Mahomes has thrown for at least four touchdowns.

The reason most sports fans would tell you Steph Curry is the most must-see athlete is because of his style. Curry’s three-point excellence and ball-handling brillance is what every cool kid at the park wants to add to their game. Sorry, nobody ever tried to be the big kid with post moves. Curry’s game is a highlight reel nightly that is so hard to turn away from.

Mahomes has a style that is so much more enjoyable to watch than what most quarterbacks, or football players in general, present. His rocket arm is unparalleled at this point and is a massive improvement to watch over the efficient dink and dunk styles of others.

There is a legitimate case that the two most exciting quarterbacks to watch have been Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Yet somehow, some way, Mahomes is a mix of the two. He is every bit the prolific gunslinger Favre was, while moving in the pocket, seeing the field, and demoralizing defenses the way Rodgers does.

Rodgers is still in this discussion, Curry is still must-see television, Conor McGregor is a movie character, but, right now, Mahomes is the best show in sports. If you can only watch one game a week, there is no decision to be made. Watch the Chiefs.

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