LeBron James Publicly Backs Luke Walton

LeBron James Luke Walton

LeBron James Publicly Backs Luke Walton


LeBron James Publicly Backs Luke Walton


LeBron James has publicly backed Luke Walton after a week of speculation that the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach could be on his way out.

After the Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday night, James gave credit to Walton and the coaching staff for putting the team in position to win.

Here’s what James had to say:

“I mean, it’s great to win, period. Listen, coaching staff put us in a position to win, and it’s up to us to go up and execute.

“Luke can care less about what’s going on outside. We could as well. I’m the last person to ask about scrutiny or anything of that nature. So none of that stuff matters to me. The only thing that matters to me is what goes on inside this locker room, both home and away.”

Much has been made of Magic Johnson’s meeting with Walton where he was apparently not pleased with the Lakers’ start to the season. But any objective observer would have to conclude the team is getting better. It’ll be a process for LA to compete in the Western Conference, but it’s not like the squad is that far off.

Late game execution must improve for the Lakers, while rebounding and defending in the paint need to be a focus as well. The impending addition of Tyson Chandler should help the latter two issues.

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