Jalen Hurts is an Alabama Legend

Jalen Hurts is an Alabama Legend


Jalen Hurts is an Alabama Legend


Jalen Hurts has lived a lifetime in his three years in the limelight at Alabama. He’s seen it all. Achieved the highest of highs, experienced the deepest of heartbreak, gone from the top of the mountain to bottom of the totem pole. You put it all down on paper — leading the Tide to two consecutive championship games, getting replaced in one, losing his starting job in year three, and contemplating transfer, and it hardly seems real.

That was before this afternoon, when it was Hurts-for-Tua not Tua-for-Hurts. The tables were turned and Hurts, after a long strange trip, emerged once again to lead Alabama to a championship.

He came in to lead two scoring drives, capping the second with a 15-yard touchdown scamper with 1:04 remaining. He completed 7 of 9 passes for 82 yards and added another 28 yards on the ground. Those are the measurables.

What’s harder to quantify is the unbreakable spirit he showed. How he conjured up might to be a winner when it was time to win. He was that guy. The cliche guy sourdoughs love to speak about. It’s a beautiful chapter in  what’s been a complicated story.

Heck, Nick Saban was moved. That alone is legendary.

Hurts’ name was always going to go down in Alabama lore. So many thought he was done adding to his legacy. But his patience paid off. Victory could not taste sweeter, considering how long he hungered for another opportunity.

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