The Foul-Mouthed Santa is a Hero, Not a Villain

The Foul-Mouthed Santa is a Hero, Not a Villain


The Foul-Mouthed Santa is a Hero, Not a Villain


British parents are outraged because a man playing Santa at a holiday event sprang into action when a fire alarm went off. They did not care for his methods, which included ripping off his beard and screaming at children to “get the f— out.” And I get that. No one enjoys either admitting that Santa isn’t real or coming up with increasingly implausible lies to keep the illusion alive.

At the same time, one can’t help but feel that this man is being persecuted for doing the right thing and putting his own special spin on the Santa character. And dangerous things happen when we, as a society, try to stifle creative expression.

In the big picture, everything turned out okay. That’s the perspective these aggrieved parents need to take. They should find solace and comfort in the knowledge that they didn’t spend the holidays dead and the so-called fire was just a result of a nearby smoke machine.

The not-so-jolly, red-suited man is being called Bad Santa. But that’s not fair. He should be called Action Santa, or, dare I say, Hero Santa. He sprung to action and really drove home the seriousness of the evacuation. Every fire or fire drill needs one of those guys.

You think every Baltimore Raven enjoyed Ray Lewis’ colorful pregame speeches? No way, but they stomached them nonetheless. Why? Because when he was done, everyone was ready to run through a brick wall. Same thing here, with cussing Kris Kringle.

This Santa can entertain at my kid’s party anytime. I’ll feel safe and secure that he’ll go full George Costanza at the slightest inkling of smoke and he’ll provide a valuable teaching opportunity to show that actions are more important than words.

Here’s hoping he lands on his feet.

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