Texas is Back, Just Ask Them

Texas is Back, Just Ask Them


Texas is Back, Just Ask Them


Sophomore quarterback Sam Ehlinger played a fantastic game for Texas last night in the Sugar Bowl. His gritty rushing attack drew Tim Tebow comparisons and accounted for three touchdowns. Beating a disinterested Georgia side may be enough to earn the Longhorns a final top-10 ranking and will surely be the springboard for all type of offseason hype.

The dominating performance triggered an emergency test of the “Is Texas Back” alert system and Ehlinger was kind enough to let everyone know about the results.

Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff. The kid is young but he can cut a promo.

Now, far be it for me to rain on Texas’ parade. They just won a big game and emotions were high. But is losing four games really “back” by Texas standards? Just asking, honestly curious, don’t have my conversion chart in front of me.

With Ehlinger and elite team speed returning — plus a vaunted recruiting class — the immediate future is very bright for Tom Herman. We’ll have a clearer idea if they’re back when LSU comes to town on Sept. 12.

It’d be good for college football if this prediction proves correct. It’s just that we all remember what happened the last time it was shouted so assertively.

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