This Is Such a Bad Break for Noah Syndergaard

This Is Such a Bad Break for Noah Syndergaard


This Is Such a Bad Break for Noah Syndergaard


Noah Syndergaard won’t report to New York Mets camp for another month or so and likely thought he’d be out of the woods this sleepy January morning when it comes to the tabloid headline game.


The New York Post is out with a thorough report on the pitcher’s social media habits as they pertain to Genie Bouchard’s Instagram feed. The post, headlined, Noah Syndergaard obsessed with Genie Bouchard’s Instagram, is stat-heavy, and the worst nightmare of millions of dudes who would prefer their own liking history would stay under wraps.

After dropping a line on a bikini photo posted by the tennis star last month, the Mets pitcher has been double-tapping a lot (at least eight) of Bouchard’s snapshots, including an image from Monday, captioned, “I need to wear my retainer dammit.” He also liked posts dating back to November and July 2018.

The liking appears to be mutual, as Bouchard, 24, was a fan of Syndergaard’s picture from Jan. 2, when he sat on a sofa with two toddlers and quipped, “You see kids, when they are really cute you swipe right.”

Though it’s unclear if Bouchard’s friendship with Syndergaard, 26, extends beyond the realm of social media, the two seem set on making 2019 their best year yet.

To paraphrase the great Mel Brooks: comedy is when this content is about you. Tragedy is when it’s about me. We’ll see if the increased coverage causes Syndergaard to change his Clicks/Images Viewed line.

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